Window Photo Frames

We live in the times of flourishing creativity and artistic abilities. At the same time, our world is now focusing on reusing and recycling material to preserve our beloved planet Earth. At Wombat Frames, we understand the value and importance of reusable and recyclable material and our thus doing our bit to preserve Mother Nature. We produce photo frames made out of recycled timber that has been salvaged, re purposed, reclaimed, sourced from old houses, demolition yards and builders. Wood that others often throw away as ‘waste’, finds its use at Wombat Frames. Since the last two decades after establishment in the year 1996, Wombat Frames has been designing and creating different ranges of frames, mirrors and furniture – all with the same base of recycled timber.

One of the most famous collections in our store are the window photo frames. What exactly are window photo frames, one may ask. Well, as the name suggests they are frames made out of old and discarded windows! In the current era of ‘DIY’ and artistic creativities, window photo frames is a new trend that is rapidly catching on like wild fire. The frames not only give your décor a fresh yet rustic look but also successfully grab eyeballs of those visiting. The best part about these frames is that they can be used in multiple variations. Whether you talk about single pictures, multiple pictures, photo collages, or even canvas paintings, a window photo frame is the best home for almost anything. Thus if you’re looking to give your housing space a new yet ‘organic’ look, why don’t you check out some of the window photo frames from our collection?