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Why do we love Photo Frames? 0

Photo frames are not only a piece of wood hanging on the wall;  they are most of all the happy reminder of your beautiful memories. Each and every time you look at a treasured photo hanging on the wall of your room, you are taken you back to those well-spent memories. This is the beauty of a keeping you photographs in a picture frame. Have you ever entered someone’s room and noticed how beautifully they have put a huge picture frame in their bedroom? Well, this might entice anyone to do the same for their home! A couple photograph framed in a huge wooden frame or a funky photo collage placed at the top of the corner table is what gives an emotional feeling. Why are Photo Frames So Valuable?
  • A photo frame helps to preserve your pictures from getting damaged
  • It creates a bond between you and your loved ones
  • It makes your home look beautiful
  • It’s the most precious gift anyone can have
Where to Buy The Best Picture Frame? Although, picture frames are available in several markets nowadays. It’s your call whether you want to go to a domestic shop or for an online store for your best purchase. Well, comparatively, buying photo frames online is quite convenient. Top framing businesses like Wombat Frames offers large picture frames in Australia, optimum in quality. Here, you will find a variety of photo frames available in different shapes and sizes. Just place an order for a photo frame with a single click and get your order right at your doorstep. Happy shopping!

Seven Reasons for Choosing a Recycled Wooden Picture Frame 0

Wombat Frames A4 Recycled Brown Gum Picture Frames


Picture frames are the most common thing people choose for home decor and gifts. Australian picture frame manufacturer Wombat Frames makes a huge variety of interesting and inspiring picture frames out of Australian Recycled Hardwood and other locally sourced recycled timbers. These include single frames, multi picture photo frames, square frames and even mirrors.  Choose your timber, colour and size to suit your own home decor while shopping online in the comfort of your home and create your own unique look with a natural product with a Wombat Frame. Here are 7 inspiring reasons for buying a thick wooden picture frame:

  1.  A thick wooden picture frame creates an eye catching and bold statement in your home. Your eyes will naturally be drawn towards it. Together with your photographs or treasured artworks it creates an amazing and meaningful piece of home-decor while creating a focal point in a room.
  2. People who like thick wooden frames usually already have solid looking timber furniture and adding a wooden frame to this will complete the room, creating a pleasant area for relaxed living.
  3. Treasured photographs and artworks not only need to be shown but also protected. Placing it behind glass and in front of the backing board of a frame which then surrounds it will do that.
  4. Natural chunky timber frames create comfortable and cozy feelings compared to the usually mass produced and cheap plastic or steel frames which usually get thrown out after a year or so.
  5. Timber is a natural material. When we surround ourselves with handcrafted natural objects we feel better and more close to nature.
  6. A wooden picture frame is Eco-friendly. Picture frame manufacturers such as Wombat Frames make all their thick wooden frames out of locally sourced recycled timbers.
  7. Wooden picture frames are kinder to the environment. Timber is a natural renewable resource which can eventually where as materials such as plastic do not.

Top Reasons Behind Choosing Custom Picture Frames 0

Memories are one of the best things to cherish. How amazing it would be if these sweet little memories could be kept preserved for times to come. Well, the best thing would be to place such memories into a photo frame.

Australian Wooden Family Photo Frame


Nowadays, designer and custom picture frames are available in multiple shapes and sizes. People are very selective when buying picture frames and look for frames with specific features and designs.

Before picking any photo frame, look at the timber colour and size of the insert space where you will put your photo. The theme of the picture and the type of timber are some of the few things that give a basic direction in picking a fitting photo frame.

Considering online stores for buying picture frames is the best option as you can get your desired frames anywhere around the globe. Whether you want personalised photo frames in Australia or a family collage picture frame you can just browse a variety of photo frames online and book an order from the top online stores. A photo frame does so many things for you. The best thing about using a picture frame is that it not only adds a stunning look to your photos but also protects the picture from dust and moisture and ageing. And while you were browsing through some of the lovely picture frames, you will be amazed to see different options available in hundreds of shapes, styles, surface and materials.

Why Choose Picture a Frame for a Gift? 0


Have you ever gone through a situation when you suddenly get an invitation call for a birthday party or a wedding ceremony or may be a small get together? What’s the next thing which hits your mind when you think about going to that party? A gift! This can be one of those  most confusing situations people face as they don’t know what they should gift to their loved ones.


Obviously, one always wants to show their full affection and love in their gifts so that the receiver would be amazed by such gesture. Usually people say that the best thing you can gift someone is your presence. But thinking about our practical lifestyle, we normally don’t attend a party without offering a gift. It may be a bouquet, a showpiece, or a photo frame. Gifting a photo frame to your friend or loved ones is certainly a great option. Because when you see an empty photo frame, you imagine how the picture would look after getting inside a photo frame. And after you place your desired picture inside a photo frame, you just preserve your past memories. Isn’t it amazing? A picture frame for gift helps the person to feel special about them and it’s also quite affordable. There are a variety of wooden photo frames available in online stores from where you can choose your gift.  Explore some of the best picture frames online at an affordable price and gift it to your loved ones. Why not avoid plastic and mass produced photo frames and opt to support small business while at the same time creating an inspiring gift of a picture frame with that special photo inside invoking a happy and special memory? Australian Recycled Timber picture frames are handmade and available online at Wombat Frames. Here you can order custom sizes as well as choose from a wide selection of designs, timbers or painted colours. Choose a gorgeous picture frame as a gift this time which you can personalize with a photograph to celebrate friendship.

How to Make Gallery Wall with Multi Picture Photo Frames that you’ll Love 0

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A vacant wall is like a delightful blank canvas ready to be decorated with a personal touch.  There are numerous ways to decorate walls and to tell a story. Among many of the modern trends, one of the most popular ways to display your treasured photographs is to create an amazing gallery picture wall with interesting frames and images inside. It can be confusing how to fill those empty walls of your room with unique photo frames. Now there are actually lots of ways to decorate your walls with multi picture photo frames. You can easily create an eye-catching gallery wall by using frames of different shapes, sizes and colors and by

integrating your favorite artwork. 

Australian Recycled Timber Multi opening Picture Frames Wooden collage photo frames recycled Australian Timber

Whether you are looking for a small photo wall in your drawing room, picture hanging ideas for your family photos or a gallery wall for your best artworks, your walls can get an astonishing look in a minute. All you need to do is to just think outside box and embrace a change by creating a fantastic new look. Take a collection of your differently sized family pictures together and place them in a manner that clearly reflects your emotions. Pick photographs from all stages of your life that grows along with your family. If you want to use photos with muted colors, try to give it a contrast with brown and bold white picture frames. Mix up photos for giving a better look for your Family Collage Photo Frames. To make the wall pop, try using a unique handmade multi picture photo frame gallery display. Try out these fancy ideas through which you can refashion the walls of your drawing room or living room with multi-colored photo frames. All these options are available online at Wombat Frames. Here you can order any shape or size you like with custom frames or choose from the wide selection of recycled timber photo frames and create the gallery wall of your choice.

How to Turn Your Home Walls into an Eye-Catching Arcade with Handcrafted Photo Frames 0

Picture frames have been in use for ages. We use them to cherish beautiful memories and make them a part of our home décor. We often find ways to re-arrange them in many ways so that we can keep up with the new trends. You can absolutely find gallery photo frames for every style and taste in any online store. If you want something minimalist, glamorous and sleek, then you might like handcrafted recycled wooden picture frames with unique and interesting designs. They help to keep the focus on the photo while being stylish themselves. Various methods can be used to make simple picture frames into an appealing piece of interior decor to suit your home space. If you want simplicity in a photo frame but still want to drive visitor’s attention to the photos, you could definitely opt for collage picture frames or gallery photo frames in Australia.  For a modern look that looks visually interesting, you could choose from all patterns and designs. Consider using photo frames with different shapes, sizes, and designs in order to put together a lovely collection. You can find some really awesome sets of matching frames that stand out as individual pieces. These picture frames help you in revamping a portion of a wall into an eye-catching arcade. You can fill the wall of your home office, dining room, or living area by these beautiful picture frames that can also be used in other spaces as well. So, visit the one-stop store in Australia and find a variety of photo frames of your choice.