Wombat Frames Workshop Reopens

Wombat Frames Workshop Reopens

Happy Australia Day to us all.

We reopened the Wombat Workshop yesterday.  Yeah !!!!!!!

After being wiped out last Christmas in the bushfires,  Wombat Frames have finally managed to rebuild from scratch and are now good to go again.

We'd again like to thank everyone for all the help and support we have recieved.  We've looked on the bright side and tried to take it as a huge opportunity and adventure. 

13 months closed and still loyal followers have contacted us and waited. 

It is humbling. Now, it's exciting to get back to Wombat Work and make some more of our beautiful hand crafted Australian picture frames.

Our recycled timber stocks are presently low but we have enough to reopen. 

No more are the 20 tons of recycled timbers and the years of stockpiling. But not to worry!

Order away and support us as we get going again. 

We are Australian , hand makers, artists, artisans, crafts people, local , recyclers, inventors, creators, hard workers, supporters of the planet, tree huggers, (sometimes?),  and passionate proponents of the  principles;     

That we are all peace inside,

We are  all Joy inside,

We are all calm inside.


And if all else fails, fill up another Wombat Frame and hang it on the wall.


Simon and Gabrielle Marlow

Wombat Frames 

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