Why Digital Photo Frames Can’t Beat Traditional Frames

Digital cameras have revolutionized photography. The versatile devices have made photography easier than ever before. Digital photo frames are very popular and can hold hundreds of pictures displayed in the form of slide shows. They are amazing but certainly have not replaced old-fashioned wooden photo frames or metal picture frames. One of the biggest limitations of digital photo frames is that they cannot run without electricity. Without power, it is just a blank screen gadget. The other option is to rely on batteries to run them. Although you can use rechargeable batteries, you will need to frequently change out the batteries and recharge them. Other digital drawbacks include the cost. They are expensive. Low cost digital frames display low quality pictures and so, you may not like to buy them. On the contrary, you can invest in high quality timber photo frames and enjoy high quality photos, uninterrupted. A digital photo frame cannot replace the visual and tactile joy in paging through a photo album or looking at a collage photo frame. Digital frames do have their place, but cannot replace traditional photo frames such as white picture frames or timber photo frames. A printed photo in an attractive frame which is basically zero maintenance because you can simply mount, frame and hang the picture – and then leave it alone. There are a wide variety of cool picture frames available today. So, you’ll not need to restrict your choices to get your desired photo frame.

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  • Gabrielle Marlow
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