Eco Friendly Recycled Australian Timber Photo Frames Online Ideas.

The picture hanging ideas of decorating with picture frames is an instant way to add style to your home decor. Collage picture frames are unique and great for displaying family photos. Here is a selection of contemporary photo frames for you to make the right choice.
  • 2-Opening Picture Frame Collage

Australian hardwood upcycled 2-opening photo frames handmade

Recycled Timber Australian handcrafted photo frames for 4 image A two opening picture frame made of rustic timber. I really like the option to display one photo in the vertical direction and the other in the horizontal direction. You can hang the frame both ways.

  • 4-Opening Picture Frame Collage

Recycled Timber Australian handcrafted photo frames for 4 images

    Choose the four most beautiful photographs and display them against the backdrop of these recycled red, brown, shabby blue and funky green unique photo frames. These frames are available in multiple colours. The slots here are of the same size. You can order in any paint colour and size you wish.


    • 8-Opening Picture Frame Collage

      Here is a stylish rustic raw frame with eight windows to add your favourite photos. The photos are of assorted sizes. The frame can hang both ways. It is a very popular choice. You can order a wider frame, larger photo sizes or different frame material.  Recycled Timber Redgum Family Photo Album Frame

      • 16- Opening Picture Frame Collage

        Recycled Timber Redgum Family Photo Album Frame

        This is a really big frame weighing almost 6kgs and featuring 16 multiple photo openings. It has multiple hanging points to distribute the load evenly. The frame is made of salvaged red gum in a Danish oil finish. Shabby white, recycled red gum and recycled brown gum are the three different styles available. To know more about our mirror frames or to purchase online, visit Wombat Frames 

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