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Why Choose Picture a Frame for a Gift? 0


Have you ever gone through a situation when you suddenly get an invitation call for a birthday party or a wedding ceremony or may be a small get together? What’s the next thing which hits your mind when you think about going to that party? A gift! This can be one of those  most confusing situations people face as they don’t know what they should gift to their loved ones.


Obviously, one always wants to show their full affection and love in their gifts so that the receiver would be amazed by such gesture. Usually people say that the best thing you can gift someone is your presence. But thinking about our practical lifestyle, we normally don’t attend a party without offering a gift. It may be a bouquet, a showpiece, or a photo frame. Gifting a photo frame to your friend or loved ones is certainly a great option. Because when you see an empty photo frame, you imagine how the picture would look after getting inside a photo frame. And after you place your desired picture inside a photo frame, you just preserve your past memories. Isn’t it amazing? A picture frame for gift helps the person to feel special about them and it’s also quite affordable. There are a variety of wooden photo frames available in online stores from where you can choose your gift.  Explore some of the best picture frames online at an affordable price and gift it to your loved ones. Why not avoid plastic and mass produced photo frames and opt to support small business while at the same time creating an inspiring gift of a picture frame with that special photo inside invoking a happy and special memory? Australian Recycled Timber picture frames are handmade and available online at Wombat Frames. Here you can order custom sizes as well as choose from a wide selection of designs, timbers or painted colours. Choose a gorgeous picture frame as a gift this time which you can personalize with a photograph to celebrate friendship.

Buying Guide: Timber Photo Frames 0

Large multi picture wooden collage frame, made in Australia

Large multi picture wooden collage frame, made in Australia Timber photo frames are great for displaying your favourite photographs. Best of all, if you buy multi photo frames you can display more than one picture at once and create a beautiful collage. Our buying guide tells you of the factors to consider before you start shopping. You can find a wide variety of sizes while shopping for wooden photo frames. Measured diagonally, 12in to 20in frames are ideal wall hanging types while 5in to 10in frames look are perfect for table display. For creating a family collage, frames with multiple windows are the best choice. Some of the collage photo frames australia have same size windows while some have mixed size windows. If unable to find a frame as per your needs, you can order frames to be made to size for you. Display matters the most. You must find frames that offer the look you desire. In wooden frames, there are many styles to be found. A typical timber look, a rustic look, polished wooden look or coloured wooden look are some of the few types of wooden frames. Again, you cannot just put any frame anywhere. This means, some frames will look good in your living room, some in your kitchen while some in your bedroom. The different options available offer the flexibility to choose a particular type for a specific space. At Wombat Frames, we have 100 different styles to offer If you are looking for an attractive looking, Eco-friendly option to display your special moments, we have the right frame for you. Order online today!