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Large multi picture wooden collage frame, made in Australia

Large multi picture wooden collage frame, made in Australia Timber photo frames are great for displaying your favourite photographs. Best of all, if you buy multi photo frames you can display more than one picture at once and create a beautiful collage. Our buying guide tells you of the factors to consider before you start shopping. You can find a wide variety of sizes while shopping for wooden photo frames. Measured diagonally, 12in to 20in frames are ideal wall hanging types while 5in to 10in frames look are perfect for table display. For creating a family collage, frames with multiple windows are the best choice. Some of the collage photo frames australia have same size windows while some have mixed size windows. If unable to find a frame as per your needs, you can order frames to be made to size for you. Display matters the most. You must find frames that offer the look you desire. In wooden frames, there are many styles to be found. A typical timber look, a rustic look, polished wooden look or coloured wooden look are some of the few types of wooden frames. Again, you cannot just put any frame anywhere. This means, some frames will look good in your living room, some in your kitchen while some in your bedroom. The different options available offer the flexibility to choose a particular type for a specific space. At Wombat Frames, we have 100 different styles to offer If you are looking for an attractive looking, Eco-friendly option to display your special moments, we have the right frame for you. Order online today!

Caring for Your Timber Photo Frame 0

Unique handmade in Australia small wooden picture frames

Small Handmade Wooden Picture Frames Selection Australia We finish our picture frames with furniture grade Danish Oil. This creates a flat look and seals the timber, protecting it and bringing out the timber colours. As a result, you don't need to do anything our photo frames apart from the odd dust. Do you like to create a rich deeper look to your beautiful handmade timber frame? In this case you can apply more coats of furniture oil, polish or wax. These will build on the base coat and works in the same way as polishing your furniture. A few coats of furniture oil or a bees wax will build up a luster to the timber and deepen the natural color of the timbers. Our shabby chic white picture frames and all the painted frames are made with a high quality flat finish house paint. There is no need to oil or wax these as it will have no affect on the appearance of the photo frames. Apart from a dust, these frames will also look great for years and years. The rustic weathered grey style of frame also is just left unfinished. Apart from the odd dust, these frames will look the same for years , just like old wood in the bush or an old shed. All hardware shops or supermarkets have a shelf or 2 of furniture polish and waxes. Thanks for the interest in our frames and email any inquiries through our contact us page at Wombat Frames.