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What do you do with your Favourite Photos? 0

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce” – Karl Lagerfeld




Have you ever thought about why we all like to take photographs? Lots of people prefer capturing their favorite moments in order to share them on the social network or to simply keep them in album safely. Photography is an ideal way to capture a special moment quickly, especially with mobile phones which just about everyone uses these days. Photography has been made that easy and now everyone has the opportunity to become a great photographer with the help of modern technology.  Besides posting on Social Media and keeping files on the computer, we have traditionally also had photo albums which are a great way to keep photographs. You can have a great time creating a photo album which you then share with family and friends and create some special moments together. It also keeps them safe if the quality of the paper is acid free.

Recycled Australian Timber 5 opening family multi photo picture frame


Photo displays are important to us and we spend a good deal of time choosing those which we treasure the most before printing them off.  Keeping them in a photo album is great but what happens after showing them to everyone, and looking at them yourself for a few times? Where do they tend to end up? Initially they are on the coffee table but after a while they are usually put away. We all have special occasions in our lives that create such special moments of joy and happiness which we can preserve with photography. Looking at a picture of a brand new baby brings such feelings of tenderness and love.   Capturing that brief moment in a little person's life is so special. They change so quickly every day and before we realize it they're all grown up! A Wedding is also a very special occasion, and so many of us have wedding photographer or designate several guests to capture those amazing moments.  The start of a new life together, a special partnership of two people who love each other, generally start a family, a life journey together. It's an enormous occasion for them and their family and friends. It's also a time when all the people who are most important in their lives are there, all looking their best. This creates perfect photo opportunities for everyone.  What are we going to do with all these amazing photographs?

Surely they deserve to be put on display!



So let's display them where everyone can enjoy them. I have a Wombat Frames multi picture photo frame on the wall showing a family occasion when I turned 50. As I'm "not a big party for me" person it was decided to go with the children and family to Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia. We have 4 children and 4 grandchildren already. It was in October so we weren't really expecting (but really hoping for) snow. As we were driving into the area it started to snow. So much fun! We got out of the car and of course everyone started playing and it ended up in a snowball fight. This is where the photos started and we continued taking photos throughout the weekend. Well, of course we had to display them on the wall for everyone to enjoy, right? We chose the right multi frame. The timber used was a dark reddish shade of Australian recycled timber Red Gum. The gorgeous multi photo collage frame was made to hold 24 photographs. It was so enjoyable to choose the best images to put into the frame and create a visual story about our special weekend together. Needless to say it is still on the wall and we like looking at it and seeing how much the children have grown, and how cute and small they were when those photographs were taken. Simon Marlow who is the talented picture frame designer and manufacturer can make a gorgeous frame for you too! In fact he has been designing and producing Australian Recycled Hardwood picture frames for over 23 years now and we proudly call him the master craftsman. He takes great care throughout the manufacturing process.  Each frame he makes is created out of recycled timber which is locally sourced from around the Southern Highlands area. He makes frames to your requirements with custom framing as well as having a large selection of standardized designs: single frames, small 2 opening multi picture frames and huge multi picture frames holding over 70 images. Just imagine how this would create a visual story to share in your home! So finding and purchasing designer picture frames in Australia can really help you with not only protecting your photographs but also with displaying or hanging them on your empty walls (an amazing way to decorate your home). It is such a captivating way of holding on to your favorite memories and hanging them on your walls will be an ultimate reminder of the times you had fun such as your wedding photos, the time your kid took his or her first steps, your kid’s first birthday, or family picture. Simply visit Wombat Frames’ online store to choose the right frame from a wide collection of handcrafted designer wooden frames at a reasonable price. The picture frame of your choice will be handcrafted to your specifications and can be delivered to your doorsteps. We are a well regarded Australian timber picture frame manufacture as our master-craftsman Simon Marlow produces frames in various designs, shapes, sizes, colors, pattern, and from recycled wood. In this way we are able to recycle native Australian timbers while bringing a warm and welcoming rustic look for your home decor.