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Multi Size Collage Frames Online AustraliaWhite multi picture frames Recycled Timber AustraliaHand made wooden picture frames Australia out of locally sourced Recycled Timber



Multi Size Collage Frames Online Australia

White multi picture frames Recycled Timber AustraliaAt Wombat Frames, we offer one of the largest ranges of Eco friendly, recycled timber photo frames available for purchase online in Australia.  Picture Frame manufacturer Wombat Frames is where handcrafted recycled wooden picture frames are individually handcrafted.

  • What our products include:
Our products include recycled timber photo frames. There are also collage photo frames, white photo frames, mirrors and multi photo frames. Our wooden photo frames are ideal for storing and displaying your photos from all occasions. Just think of graduations, birthdays, celebrations, holidays, weddings and more.
  • Creating a photo frame collage wall display:
Are you looking to create a great photo frame collage wall display, then we can suggest a popular way of doing so. Why not give your living space a personal touch with a photo frame display?
  • A tree Collage idea:
You could, for instance, paint a tree onto the wall. Now, choose various photo frames and hang them in a way so that they resemble extensions to the tree branches. You can choose different types of photo frames or similar types in a variety of sizes. Creating a wall collage is an exciting thing to do. You don't just have to use photos.  Children’s drawings and writings also make wonderful additions to a wall collage. Children will feel that their work is truly valued when it is displayed in a frame on the wall. Any wall space large enough to fit a photo frame collage display can change and enhance the look of the room. When you order online, Wombat Frames will be sent to you by courier and have insurance included. Our frames are a very popular and valuable gift for home decoration and we try to make customers happy every time they shop with Wombat Frames. To purchase online, simply visit our website and click to order any Wombat Frame you like and we will create and send it to you.

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Digital cameras have revolutionized photography. The versatile devices have made photography easier than ever before. Digital photo frames are very popular and can hold hundreds of pictures displayed in the form of slide shows. They are amazing but certainly have not replaced old-fashioned wooden photo frames or metal picture frames. One of the biggest limitations of digital photo frames is that they cannot run without electricity. Without power, it is just a blank screen gadget. The other option is to rely on batteries to run them. Although you can use rechargeable batteries, you will need to frequently change out the batteries and recharge them. Other digital drawbacks include the cost. They are expensive. Low cost digital frames display low quality pictures and so, you may not like to buy them. On the contrary, you can invest in high quality timber photo frames and enjoy high quality photos, uninterrupted. A digital photo frame cannot replace the visual and tactile joy in paging through a photo album or looking at a collage photo frame. Digital frames do have their place, but cannot replace traditional photo frames such as white picture frames or timber photo frames. A printed photo in an attractive frame which is basically zero maintenance because you can simply mount, frame and hang the picture – and then leave it alone. There are a wide variety of cool picture frames available today. So, you’ll not need to restrict your choices to get your desired photo frame.

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3 opening rustic timber multi picture frame

It is important for us all not let your photographs get damaged or wasted. Photo frames are the best way to preserve those special moments. Photos are a reflection of those memories you share with your dear ones. By framing them in unique photo frames, you can keep them clean and prevent fading for a very long time. Frames vary in a variety of designs, style, shape and material. A beautiful photo frame serves many other purposes than just preserving your memories. It acts as a decorative piece in your home or workplace. You can choose from the gallery of rectangular or square frame photo frame designs, or glossy or antique finishes, simple timbers or plain colors or very colourful and fun and funky frames. We go from country classic picture frames to fun and funky Boho chic photo frames. We also create frames which are multi picture photo frames for large family collages. A picture frame can make a great gift. You can select the best from a wide choice of picture frames as a wedding or birthday gift for your loved ones. You can have some frames, personalized with special messages. Digital photo frames displaying photos in the form of slideshow are a great hit with all gift stores. These photo frames are a combination of technology and fashion. Collage picture frames are available in different unique styles and designs. Photo frames grab the eyeballs of onlookers. Remember to keep in mind, the shape and size of the photograph while choosing a picture frame. Memories are precious as jewels. With beautiful photo frames, keep your photographs safe from the dust of time.

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Large Wooden Multi Photo Frames Australia

Largest Wooden Multi Photo Frames Australia Since 1996, Wombat Frames have been telling stories of people in a unique manner. We all have special memories and pictures bring those moments back to life. Wombat Frames have identified this opportunity to make your special memories extra special by offering a perfect fit to frame those moments. We are photo frame manufacturers based in Australia and have been in this business for over 15 years. Our practical and aesthetic approach to our designs has earned us a good reputation among our clients. We specialise in a large variety of designs such as family photo frames, multi-photo frames, recycled picture frames, collage frames, etc. We pride ourselves in our creativity and our approach to quality. We keep ourselves updated to the latest trends, which keep our range evolving every month. Our happiness knows no bound to when we are able to offer our customers the exact piece to suit their home decor. Using skills in furniture, art and photography, we ensure that every photo frame is unique and special just like your memories. Wombat Frames are available for display at Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston, Canberra, every Sunday; Glebe Markets, Glebe, Sydney, every Saturday; and Maitland Country Fair Markets and Maitland Show Ground, 1st Sunday every month. You can order online picture frames of your choice from From recycled timber photo frames to collage frame, you can now frame your good memories in style.