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How to Personalize Your Photo Frames in an Innovative Way 0

Picture frames, collage frames, wooden frames these all are very common things we gift to our loved ones or use it in decorating our interiors. Photo frames have been in use for many years and now they are even more popular than ever. The best thing about photo frames is that when you gift someone a picture frame, you are giving them something you know they would love and appreciate, whether it’s a beautiful artwork, a photo of someone you love or even a frame without any picture! wedding framesThere are many ways to personalize picture frames where you can let your imagination run wild! If you are confused on how to paint a frame, simply follow these tips for painting a wooden or metallic frame:-
  • Use tape for geometric patterns
  • Try to use a stencil
  • Paint a phrase or message
  • Paint the frame with dots to create intricate designs
  • Create a two-toned effect.
Wombat Frames have been providing wedding photo frames from Australia at affordable prices. If you don’t know what should be appropriate for your home decor, then you can have a look at a wide variety of photo frames at Wombat Frames and can take many ideas from it. No matter whether it’s about framing a wedding frames21wedding photograph or a family photograph, you will find picture frames and other gallery photo frames from Australia in all sizes and colors. So, start using picture frames for your home decor and cherish your beautiful memories every day!

How to Turn Your Home Walls into an Eye-Catching Arcade with Handcrafted Photo Frames 0

Picture frames have been in use for ages. We use them to cherish beautiful memories and make them a part of our home décor. We often find ways to re-arrange them in many ways so that we can keep up with the new trends. You can absolutely find gallery photo frames for every style and taste in any online store. If you want something minimalist, glamorous and sleek, then you might like handcrafted recycled wooden picture frames with unique and interesting designs. They help to keep the focus on the photo while being stylish themselves. Various methods can be used to make simple picture frames into an appealing piece of interior decor to suit your home space. If you want simplicity in a photo frame but still want to drive visitor’s attention to the photos, you could definitely opt for collage picture frames or gallery photo frames in Australia.  For a modern look that looks visually interesting, you could choose from all patterns and designs. Consider using photo frames with different shapes, sizes, and designs in order to put together a lovely collection. You can find some really awesome sets of matching frames that stand out as individual pieces. These picture frames help you in revamping a portion of a wall into an eye-catching arcade. You can fill the wall of your home office, dining room, or living area by these beautiful picture frames that can also be used in other spaces as well. So, visit the one-stop store in Australia and find a variety of photo frames of your choice.