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Wombat Frames Workshop Reopens

Wombat Frames Workshop Reopens 0

Wombat Frames have reopened their business after wiping out in the December 2019 bushfires.


As you can imagine, we are super busy here in the Wombat Frames workshop right now. We’re working our socks off but with a big smile on our face! It’s all because of you that we are doing well this year.  Because you are the Australians buying sustainable and recycled timber photo frames and mirrors. You’re supporting Australian small businesses where people are making handcrafted items to order, with great care, one at a time. Where would craftspeople be in Australia without you?
Simon's Handmade Wombat Happy Frames

Simon's Handmade Wombat Happy Frames 0

A little while ago he started making frames out of thin strips of recycled timber left overs because he likes to use up every last scrap of wood and not have any waste. Then the paint pots came out and he spent the afternoon playing around with color.
Shopping at the Old Busdepot Markets in Canberra

Shopping at the Old Busdepot Markets in Canberra 0

[gallery ids="5055,5057,5062"] We've been busy at the Markets selling a variety of Wombat Frames over the last few weeks. Only three markets to go until Christmas. Here are some photos of our Happy Customers with their frames. We make a huge variety of frames to sell mostly online but also at these markets this December and January. Tomorrow Sunday16th December we will be there for you at 9am until 4pm, and then the following weekend, on the 22nd and 23rd,  the last weekend before Christmas we are there both on the Saturday and Sunday.  After this the market takes a break and starts up again on the second Sunday of January 13th, in 2019.  We will take a little break over Christmas and New Year too. Haven't decided exactly when we'll go back to work, but we'll let you know. Online Shopping continues but you might have to wait an extra week for your frame. It's been so nice to have so many happy customers at the market and some buy tiny frames, some buy huge frames. There is something for every one, small frames for small pictures, large frames for big photo displays. Lots of people have been buying for presents while others are putting their holiday photos or family pictures in their frames and really enjoying having all their favourite pictures to look at in one space altogether. I have my 50th birthday pictures all in one frame. We went to Jindabyne with all the family and it snowed in October, so we have lots of pictures of the whole family playing in the snow. I intended to change the photos regularly but I like them so much, they're still there, reminding me of the special weekend we all had together.
Here they are: Handcrafted Eco Friendly Designer Family Photo Frames in Australia!

Here they are: Handcrafted Eco Friendly Designer Family Photo Frames in Australia! 0

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” – Dorothea Lange




Everyone loves to capture their favorite moments to keep them safe for a long span of time and making those memories a real treasure. Also, the camera is such a great tool for you to click your “happy times” to save those photos in the “cherished memories” album. When we run our fingers through the pages of our photo album taking small flashbacks to each photograph’s story, the feeling is wonderful and cannot be depicted in words. People who have bought the multi picture photo frames have found that displaying  favorite photos in a family collage picture frames will not only keep memories alive. They  also  bring  charm to the home and decorate their walls.

Eco friendly 12 opening Multi Family Photo Frames Australia


People prefer to shop online as it saves your precious time. It is easy for you to search for a designer photo frame which perfectly meets your requirements at a reasonable price. If you are looking for beautifully handcrafted frame to hang on your wall or place on the  bedside table then we can be of help at the Wombat Frames online store. Here  you can explore through a large selection and find and choose from a wide range of handcrafted designer frames.



These include small to large single frames, loads of different multi-picture photo frames, or order some custom frames, we have a good selection of family photo frames, and so much more at an affordable price. So,  take an online stroll through our store and choose or order Eco friendly recycled timber photo frames. It's a great way to create an interesting  feature on your walls and display your cherished memories.

Picture Frame with Multiple Apertures 0

Recycled Timber Gallery Photo frames Australia

Wooden Collage Frames Handmade Recycled Australian Hardwood The idea of buying photo frames is to hold the beautiful moments forever. Adorned in stylishly designed frames, they add a special touch to the pictures. The options are endless in this category, but still some stand apart from the others in their functionality and design. Here, we will be talking about multi photo frames. It is an arrangement of multiple photos in a single arrangement, reflecting multiple emotions all at once. From contemporary collage frames holding 3 photos to a whooping 20 of your finest photos in a single frame, these funky frames are excellent choices for family photo frames. In fact, these multiple photo frames are an ideal gifting option for practically anybody. Wombat Frames from their extensive collection have offered a wide variety to choose from. 75cm square with a 9cm recycled brown gum frame and Danish Oil finish. Has 16 6"x4" photo holes and can be custom made for any size photos.frames and mirror frames, recycled timber frames and multi photo frames. Customers interested in buying variety can place their order online. Although prices will be different for different frames, the pricing structure is designed to fit every budget. You can buy frames within your budget. A beautiful looking frame can transform your interior from forgettable to fabulous almost instantly. Our frames are hand made from recycled timber giving them a unique character. Just imagine how a weathered rustic raw photo frame will look in your home. If you have the answer, we have the best frames at your disposal for purchase. The detail information and available sizes in each category are mentioned in our website. Browse and buy multi photo frames!