Six Benefits of using Australian Recycled Timber for your home decor.

Six Benefits of using Australian Recycled Timber for your home decor.

Today more and more people are using recycled timber as part of their home decor. We are becoming aware of natural materials and their beauty.  It is increasingly popular to salvage, recycle, re-use and revamp.  Many talented crafts people are creating home wares with recycled timbers.



Creating a more natural feel in our homes has us all turning away from synthetics  and choosing materials that breathe.  Recycled timbers fit the bill and create an environment and feeling closer to nature.  It is just more sustainable for our precious planet Earth. 

We are doing it together, one small step at a time.



Recycling timber started to become mainstream in the 1990's.  Availability of home decor products and their aesthetic beauty and creativity bloomed.

This is also when the sustainable Wombat Frames business began. Making recycled timber picture frames, mirrors and custom art frames available in Australia since 1996.

There are some great benefits in using recycled timber.

1.    Recycled Timber is beautiful. It is a natural material that has warmth and character. The natural colours of seasoned older timbers can not be found in newer or stained timbers.

Knots and features combine with recycling marks to create a unique patina. Some recycled timbers still have paint on them. These all add great and distinctive features to any home decor items.

Chalk up a win for recycled!

2.   Recycled timber is naturally seasoned and has dried out with time.  It hasn’t been artificially dried in a kiln.  The moisture content is stable and perfect for re-use.  Energy savings add up to a win for the planet.


3.  Recycled Australian timber home wares are local. When you decorate with Australian recycled timber home-wares, your money stays in Australia.  This helps our economy.  Imported home wares and gifts mostly benefit the middle man.

Local is a winner. Yeah again!

 4.   Supporting local artists and craftists. You know you are helping smaller, niche or boutique artists and crafts people.  Each item is unique and often hand made. Love, care, creativity and "positive vibes" are put in by Australian artisans.  Without your ongoing support and purchases, small cottage producers will vanish.

Warm and fuzzy all around!

 5.    Creating a Sustainable Environment. No tree has been harmed in the creation of your home decor.  Always a nice thing to say.  Lower energy usage helps lower our environmental impact.  No logging, cutting, milling, transporting, drying, storing, wasting.  Landfill or wood chip and mulch is the end of the line for most of the timbers from demolition.  Better than hugging a tree is buying a recycled timber home ware.

Saving our planet!

  1. Energy Efficient. Recycling timber is more energy efficient.There is no huge cost and energy required to transport or artificially season (kiln dry) the wood.Green house gasses are down. Waste is down .Recycled timbers that are locally sourced, reduce the use of fuel for transport and the carbon emissions.
    Forests are saved and the planet is saved.Love it! 



Wombat Frames is a great example of local crafts people, (craftisans) using local recycled timbers. Great home ware items are made and sent all over Australia. Photo frames, mirrors, picture frames, custom frames and small furniture pieces are all made using 100% recycled Australian timbers.



Demand for timber as a natural resource is huge, creating a strain on our planet. It takes many years for hardwood trees to reach maturity which means that it takes 100's of years  for these to be replaced. With recycled timber, you can achieve the warm and welcoming look, save the planet and get a great product. Our homes are  part of a sustainable environment and we are embracing an Eco-friendly lifestyle. Each decision to buy or use recycled is a win. Recycled timber is to be treasured and you can all play your part.



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  • Gabrielle Marlow
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