How to create a Personal touch with a Photo Frame.

How to create a Personal touch with a Photo Frame.


Photo Frames as Environmentally Friendly Presents

Photo frames make an excellent gift for any occasion. From a single frame to the customized multi collage picture frames, they make great and even environmentally friendly presents. Perfect for  when you are looking for that special meaningful gift for someone you care about and want to give a moment of joy.

Personalized Photo Frames in Australia

Recycled Timber Photo Frames have definitely found their  place in the market for online shopping. There are many different varieties of personalized photo frames available. Handcrafted photo frames include recycled timber single frames, and also multi opening handmade wooden frames. There are white frames, dark timber frames, light timber frames, hardwood picture frames, and brightly painted picture frames.  All with with their own unique look to create the right look for that special gift.
Recycled Australian Timber 5 opening family multi photo picture frameRecycled Australian Timber 5 opening family multi photo picture frame

Add a Personal Touch as well as ambience to your home

These are a great option offering you the privilege of preserving your memories that speak volumes about the time spent with your loved ones. A creative and stylish twist to your memories is provided with these personalized photo frames. Not only do these frames preserve and keep your picture a fresh for long, but also adds on to the ambience of a person's home.  From metallic finish to the rustic wood touch, these come in all shapes, sizes, and material. There are more and more Eco friendly photo frames available now.  Wombat Frames avoids plastics and other materials that harm the environment where ever they can, which adds to the environmental value. Something we are all becoming more concerned about in our current world situation where preservation of nature is so important.

Custom Framing online in Australia

If you are looking for that one perfect gift through which you can express your love for someone then a picture frame with a personalized image inside is a very simple and heartwarming option.  What could be better than a custom picture frame by Wombat Frames? The sensitively handcrafted frame with unique designs are exemplified in the collection of photo frames. Every frame is designed with special attention to intricate details and finish. Decorate your home with recycled frames manufactured by Wombat Frames.

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