Look What Mariah Cula achieved in her Work Experience week at Wombat Frames.

Look What Mariah Cula achieved in her Work Experience week at Wombat Frames.

Last week we had Mariah Cula here at Wombat Frames for a week. Mariah is a High School Student who is currently in year 10.

She wanted to work with us as she is a very keen photographer interested in learning all about how we create our products and put them on the website. This is quite an involved process and there are lots of people out there doing product photography as a full time occupation.   All the photographs shown in this article are taken by Mariah Cula.

At Wombat Frames Gabrielle Marlow does the bulk of this work so that hubbie Simon can get on with making all the frame orders that are flooding in.

Narrow fence paling rustic recycled timber frames with white matlight untreated brown gum narrow frame with mat in recycled eco friendly timber

The Work Experience goes for a week and is organised by the Department of Education. The students have to approach a business with jobs which they may wish to turn into a career when they leave school.

Selection of Australian made narrow frames in recycled timber with matSelection of narrow frames in Australian recycled timber with mat

Mariah was part of the entire process of creating lifestyle photos for the website. Here the steps we took:

  1. The Photo Shoot. Going to Little Austie beach (Austinmere) on a stunning clear morning to photograph the ocean. We did have Gelato, but that’s all part of being a photographer and definitely helps to inspire cool photos. Then on to Kiama, and finishing at Minnamurra Rainforest. As a result Mariah took 80 photos which were mostly Seascapes and a number of Rainforest Plants.
  2. Selecting the best photos. This was a challenge because there were so many nice ones.
  3. Photo shop skill building to achieve the right look and size for printing.
  4. Using our professional large Epson printer and learning how to clean and maintain it for the best results.
  5. Printing the photos.
  6. Placing the photos in the recycled timber picture frames.
  7. Photographing the framed photographs.
  8. Editing these new photos in Photo Shop to prepare them for being placed on the Lifestyle Mock-ups which we use in the Wombat Frames website.
  9. Choosing Life style mock-up photos from our favourite MockupBrothers
  10. Creating the Life style photographs in Photo Shop by placing the pictures of the photo frames in the Mock Ups of living rooms and dining rooms.
  11. Adding the Lifestyle photos onto the website.
  12. Creating the right titles for the finished photographs using keywords such as Australian made, recycled timber photo frames, Eco friendly picture frames and so on, so that they show up in Google Search.
  13. Adding a new product with the following title: Antique White 3cm Mat in the popular 2cm wide Photo Frames.

We had a great time all week, and I was actually surprised myself just how much is involved, because when you do it yourself you just ‘do’ it, and get on with the job until it’s done.

Here is what Mariah has to say about this week:

Over the last week I have learnt many new skills when using Photoshop and a professional printer such as cloning, adjusting the contrast and lighting, cleaning and maintaining the printer but the best part by far was taking the photographs and playing around with them till they looked almost perfect. I am so very grateful that I had this opportunity as part of my year 10 work experience.

Seascape and Bird Photographer Mariah Cula used Wombat Frames custom framing AustraliaRain forest photo by Mariah Cula in an Australian made Wombat Custom FrameMariah Cula photography in Wombat Frames recycled Australian photo framesSelection of Australian made narrow frames in recycled timber with mat


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