How To Style Large Picture Frames

How To Style Large Picture Frames

Photos are a way of preserving cherished memories. The right frame adds an instant touch of elegance to your artwork or photograph and can create a stylish look in your home. You may have a thing for original paintings or love displaying amazing photographs, or a beautiful large piece of art framed in Eco Friendly Timber can instantly ground a room.


Large handcrafted timber picture frames in Australia.

Large Recycled Timber Picture frames are a popular choice for interior decor and the right framed work really can ground the room.  Here are a few ways to style a large picture frame:


Choose the right moulding or frame.



A large piece of artwork or photography print becomes a special statement when framed in the right way. The right moulding will dramatically enhance the look of your art piece. This is why choosing the right  frame is important to create the look that you're after.


Use a Mat board as an option


To add to the sophistication of the artwork, especially prints, photographs it's a good idea to also use mat-board. This will not only keep the picture away from the glass for protection, it also gives the artwork a more sophisticated look.  It is important to  pick the right width of the mat that compliments the picture. You can contact Simon for friendly advice at Wombat Frames Australia.


Enlarge your own Photographs

It is so easy to take good quality photographs these days even on our phones. The resolution is generally fine for enlargements of your own photography up to at least size A3 with a good phone.  So it isn't difficult to create a wonderful piece of personalized home decor. You can do this with a large timber photo frame you can that professional look.


Custom Framing Travel Map

Travel enthusiasts often have a large map rolled up somewhere in the room, and these look amazing framed up. They're not only a fantastic way to display where you've been. A custom framed map also creates interest and personality to your room.

Create a Photo Gallery as a focal point in the room.



Another way to create an interesting display and fill up a large space on the wall is to create a gallery of pictures of the same size on the wall. Take some large photo frames, place them in a grid, and there you have your beautiful personal collage made out of frames.Keep in mind the color of the walls when choosing your artwork and large picture frame.  A dramatic large piece of art will complement and create a focal point for a painted wall.  Let your art be the centerpiece of your room.


Online Shopping at Wombat Frames.

Wombat frames are your one-stop-shop for all your picture frame requirements. Whether you are in search for that perfect rustic white frame or a handmade square photo frame, just place an order and get your order right at your doorstep. We have over 23 years of Custom Framing experience using recycled timber which is locally sourced from the area where we live. There are also a large number of standard frames to choose from. Feel free to design your own to suit your photos and wall space. You'll end up with a master craftsman made Eco Friendly Australian Timber Photo frame to enjoy for a long time. Just contact via the website or feel free to email us.

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