Five Common Mistakes to Avoid in hanging Wooden Picture Frames

Many people are fond of hanging multi size photo collage frames to cherish their beautiful memories but most of them do not know the proper way to position them. Due to this, they make some common mistakes. Here are five of the most common mistakes people do while hanging a photo frame.
  • Using Adhesive Picture Hooks
Picture hooks are not up to the job, particularly in humid places. your stunning artwork or photographs can end up on the floor. Also they often damage the paint on your wall.
  • Hanging Frames Randomly
Always try to keep your picture frames in proportion with the furniture in your room. Placing picture frames or artwork randomly can also make a room look cluttered and these interior mistakes will make your home look quite messy.
  • Forgetting About The Plan
When organizing a gallery display or hanging multiple artworks, planning is recommended. Many people don’t make a plan before placing any frame. This sometimes creates a slightly chaotic look in a room.
  • Hanging Frames in Poor Environments
Hanging picture frames in areas where there are fluctuating temperatures will increase the ageing of your photos. Areas such as bathrooms, kitchen or of high humidity would also not work.
  • Hanging Photos Flat Against a Wall
Put something flat and small behind your photos. Flat-hanging photo frames can encourage mold growth in areas with high humidity. So, whenever you buy frames from a sought after picture frame manufacturer and are ready to place them, keep these things in mind so that you won’t regret the decision of placing picture frames anymore.

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  • Gabrielle Marlow
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