All we want is rain for Christmas.

All we want is rain for Christmas.
Wombat Frames has been impacted by the bush fires and as a result we can't guarantee delivery by Christmas. We are doing our very best to look after you all working every hour we can while looking after the property where we live and work at the same time.
Balmoral Fire Brigade Southern Highlands
The Balmoral Village Fire Brigade has done a brilliant job so far,   We had to evacuate last Saturday but are back now and have decided to stay. Worst case scenario we will take shelter in the fire brigade shed here on the picture. It's built especially so locals can take shelter there if they need to.
In the meantime, we're going all out making your frames but unfortunately we can't take any more last minute orders.
The frames will need a bit of extra time to be made at the moment and if you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks extra, please order anyway. We value your support as we are a small business where everything we make is made to order, one frame or mirror at a time. We only use locally sourced recycled timber creating a one of a kind item, to your specifications. Hopefully everything will be back to normal in a couple of weeks and that will be so nice.
Here's Elvis, he just about emptied the dam. I got worried about the 2 turtles which we see every day. Wondering if they would get sucked up with the water, but our son Tobias, who is also making your frames at the moment had a look and saw them. Apparently they dig themselves into the mud when there is danger. There is hardly any water in the dam now though.Balmoral Fire Brigade in the Southern Highlands is awesome

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