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Wombat Frames offers a wide selection of stylish and high-quality picture frames, photo frames, and canvases, letting you display precious art, prints, memorabilia and incredible moments caught on camera.
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These wooden picture frames will add beauty and elegance to your art or pictures while providing them protection, with many styles and sizes to choose from.


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Put precious memories and inspiring art on display with our high-quality single and split canvasses of different sizes that let you create a stunning canvas collage.

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Protect and hang your favourite photographs in a special spot at home. Our wood photo frames come in standard sizes with timeless looks.

High-quality wood picture frames

Our wooden frames are made of durable and high-quality materials strong enough to protect your precious items, with many gorgeous classic finishes from light wood, natural wood, and dark wood photo frames.

Browse our impressive selection of wooden style frames that would go perfectly in any room and were designed to last.

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Excellent wood picture frame advice and support

Our friendly framing specialists are here to help you pick out the best frame for your items or assist you in your needs with your project. We can guide you in choosing the best one for you among our ready-made frames and help you in repairing or replacing any part of your picture frame.

Feel free to give us a call for the best advice on picture framing so we can give you an idea about it or help you make a decision.

Careful Australia wide frame shipping

We deliver anywhere in Australia while ensuring excellent handling and transporting of your items.

Rest assured, we carefully package each and every frame with care to secure its safe arrival at your home.

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Feel free to check our pre-made wood photo frames and canvasses!

Frequently asked questions

Display your precious items at home by framing them with our high-quality wood picture frames that would easily elevate your space with their classic and elegant look. Brighten up your home and make it extra special by highlighting your favourite possessions which hold memories that would last forever.

When finding the perfect frame, we look for something that enhances and highlights your photo or artwork. Here are a few tips for choosing a photo frame. Consider the tone of the image. For casual/simple art, go for a light wood frame then for more formal pieces go with a dark wood photo frame. Choose a frame that complements the room décor or highlights just the right amount of contrast. Don’t pick a frame colour that’s too similar to your wall colour. Lastly, choose a different mat and frame colour to bring attention to the photo artwork. 

There are soft and dense hardwoods that are used to make wood picture frames. Soft hardwoods include basswood, ramin, obeche, mahogany, pine, redwood, and cedar. While dense hardwoods comprise oak, walnut, cherry, and ash. At Wombat Frames, we use a variety of wood materials in making our picture frames so you wouldn’t go out of options in terms of style and colour. 

What makes pine a great material for making wood picture frames is that it’s strong and easy to work with. It has a straight grain, can be challenging to stain but takes paint very well. 

Maple is a good material for natural wood frames because it is hard and durable and has pleasing grain patterns. It also comes in wonderful flavours like birds-eye and curly. While it can be really challenging, staining maple can make it even more magical. Maple is not only perfect for making frames but also guitars.

By the end of the day, the choice is still yours. Just take these factors into consideration when choosing which type of sign to purchase.

Softwood makes budget-friendly frames and as a material, it’s easy to work with. On the other hand, hardwood is the toughest material, considered to be more resilient and has well-defined grain patterns. Your choice of wood photo frame would depend on the look and durability that you want. If you’re not sure what to get, feel free to contact us for advice and we’ll make sure you’ll find the perfect wooden frame for you and your item.

The most usual material used for framing a wooden hanging poster is metal and wood. Metal is a popular choice because of its durability and wide selection of colours and finishes. With wood poster frames you would have a lot of wood options however, they require more maintenance compared to metal.

While you can simply hang your canvas art directly on your wall, we highly suggest framing it to protect the corners and edges of the art and prevent structural warping. This is especially important if you plan to hang it for a very long time. Wombat Frames has a wonderful selection of wood frames for a canvas print and canvas shadow box frames that will surely accentuate your art pieces.

A shadow box frame is a great choice if you have bulky items that you want to encase. You can protect and frame your canvas art with a canvas shadow box frame or display sentimental gifts and memorabilia. For decorative purposes, you can have a shadow box filled with pressed or paper flowers, butterflies, or origami. You can also display flags, medals, shirts, etc. A shadow box frame is not only perfect to use for display but also for a memorable gift idea.

A shadow box frame has at least one raised window mat that casts a shadow on the artwork which is not found in a box frame. There can be one or more window mats which cast lower shadows. There are also special frames that fuse a box frame and a shadow box frame that encases bulky items.

Here are some creative ways to style your house with picture frames. Make a gallery wall to display your pictures, prints, and 3D objects. Mix and match different hanging frame designs with patterns that go perfectly together. Add personal items in your workspace to add your own flair to your house décor. Lastly, we recommend making a staircase gallery wall and creatively designing it.

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