Wombat Frames sell online

Wombat Frames have finished selling our recycled timber photo frames in The Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra.

It is now a full time concern to make and supply our online customers.

We have decided to devote our time to online promotion through social media as well as making and sending out all the orders we receive. We can still take orders for our custom made timber photo frames through emails and mobile phone calls. 0413187495 and frames@wombatframes.com.au

Feel free to contact us with any questions and follow our social media to get the latest news.


The team at Wombat Frames


Wombat Frames sell online 40 frame

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Christmas 2016

Thanks once again to everyone who has supported Wombat Frames for another year. We close on Thursday 22nd December 2016

Courier delivery for those last minute gifts will need to be checked with us via email or phone.


Simon 0413187495

The website will continue to accept orders but we don’t resume making or sending till Monday 23rd Jan 2017.



Simon Marlow

Wombat Frames



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Colourful Recycled Timber Photo frames

20140916_164317_HDR  Colourful Recycled Timber Photo frames 20140916 164317 HDR




Here is a recent selection of multi coloured recycled timber frames we made.

We call them “Happy Frames” as they are bright, cheery and “happy”.

We took them into a spot on the farm where we make them before we put the glass in them.


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Christmas 2015 Shut Down

We are closing our workshop on Friday 18th December this year for a well earned break. We will start up again on the 12th January.
Last dispatch for web sales will be Thursday 17th December to ensure they arrive in time. Please contact us for those last minute orders if you want them delivered for Christmas.
Thanks to all those who enjoyed our website and our frames this year and we look forward to having you back again next year. Please feel free to tell your friends about the frames you have found as they are unique and not mass produced.
Simon Marlow
Wombat Frames

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Square Multi Hole 16 Photo Frame

This Superb Picture Frame for Christmas!

75cm square with a 9cm recycled brown gum frame and
Danish Oil finish. Has 16 6″x4″ photo holes and can be
custom made for any size photos.

dsc_6153  Square Multi Hole 16 Photo Frame dsc 61531


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Types of Wall Hanging Picture Frames

Types of Wall Hanging Picture Frames Family Photo FramesThe picture hanging ideas of decorating with picture frames is an instant way to add style to your home decor. Collage picture frames are unique and great for displaying family photos. Here is a selection of contemporary photo frames for you to make the right choice.

  • 2-Opening Picture Frame Collage

A two opening picture frame made of rustic timber. I really like the option to display one photo in the vertical direction and the other in the horizontal direction. You can hang the frame both ways.

  • 4-Opening Picture Frame Collage

Choose the four most beautiful photographs and display them against the backdrop of these recycled red, brown, shabby blue and funky green unique photo frames. These frames are available in multiple colours. The slots here are of the same size. You can order in any paint colour and size you wish.

  • 8-Opening Picture Frame Collage

Here is a stylish rustic raw frame with eight windows to add your favourite photos. The photos are of assorted sizes. The frame can hang both ways. It is a very popular choice. You can order a wider frame, larger photo sizes or different frame material.

  • 16- Opening Picture Frame Collage

This is a really big frame weighing almost 6kgs and featuring 16 multiple photo openings. It has multiple hanging points to distribute the load evenly. The frame is made of salvaged red gum in a Danish oil finish. Shabby white, recycled red gum and recycled brown gum are the three different styles available.

To know more about our mirror frames or to purchase online, visit http://www.wombatframes.com.au/

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Buying Guide: Timber Photo Frames

Collage Photo Frames  Buying Guide: Timber Photo Frames Collage Photo FramesTimber photo frames are great for displaying your favourite photographs. Best of all, if you buy multi photo frames you can display more than one picture at once and create a beautiful collage. Our buying guide tells you of the factors to consider before you start shopping.

You can find a wide variety of sizes while shopping for wooden photo frames. Measured diagonally, 12in to 20in frames are ideal wall hanging types while 5in to 10in frames look are perfect for table display.

For creating a family collage, frames with multiple windows are the best choice. Some of the collage photo frames australia have same size windows while some have mixed size windows. If unable to find a frame as per your needs, you can order frames to be made to size for you.

Display matters the most. You must find frames that offer the look you desire. In wooden frames, there are many styles to be found. A typical timber look, a rustic look, polished wooden look or coloured wooden look are some of the few types of wooden frames.

Again, you cannot just put any frame anywhere. This means, some frames will look good in your living room, some in your kitchen while some in your bedroom. The different options available offer the flexibility to choose a particular type for a specific space. At Wombat Frames, we have 100 different styles to offer

If you are looking for an attractive looking, eco-friendly option to display your special moments, we have the right frame for you. Order online today!

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Picture Frame with Multiple Apertures

Family Photo Frames  Picture Frame with Multiple Apertures Family Photo FramesThe idea of buying photo frames is to hold the beautiful moments forever. Adorned in stylishly designed frames, they add a special touch to the pictures. The options are endless in this category, but still some stand apart from the others in their functionality and design.

Here, we will be talking about multi photo frames. It is an arrangement of multiple photos in a single arrangement, reflecting multiple emotions all at once. From contemporary collage frames holding 3 photos to whooping 20 of your finest photos in a single frame, these funky frames are excellent choices for family photo frames.

In fact, these multiple photo frames are ideal gifting option for practically anybody. Wombat Frames from their extensive collection have offered a wide variety to choose from. The range includes white photo frames and mirror frames, recycled timber frames and multi photo frames. Customers interested in buying variety can place their order online. Although prices will be different for different frames, the pricing structure is designed to fit every budget. You can buy frames within your budget.

A beautiful looking frame can transform your interior from forgettable to fabulous almost instantly. Our frames are hand made from recycled timber giving them a unique character. Just assume how a rustic raw photo frame will look in your home. If you have the answer, we have the best frames at your disposal for purchase. The detail information and available sizes in each category are mentioned in our website. Browse and buy multi photo frames!

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4 Essential Tips to Choose the Right Frames

Collage Photo Frames   4 Essential Tips to Choose the Right Frames Collage Photo Frames

Decorating a house beautifully demands a lot of attention to detail. Yet the most beautiful paintings, prints and even mirrors will detract from the overall look if wrong frames are used. If you choose correctly, you will add value and enjoyment for years.

Nobody knows your home better than you. Consider the furniture, wall colour, door frames, window frames and other architectural details before selecting a good frame.

Determine which colours dominate your home. Try to choose family picture frames and other frames of the same hue. You can also try using a complimentary colour to make your artwork stand out from others.

Instead of using the same styles of frames for your photographs or artwork, consider using different styles. You can try white picture frames or consider multi opening picture frames.

Natural timber and recycled materials have been popular for years and are not a passing phase. Frames made of recycled timber may be an excellent choice as they add value to your home.

If you wish to buy multi photo frames Australia, we can help you. Good quality framing is worthwhile and an excellent investment in your home’s decor, but it can also be fairly costly. At Wombat Frames, you can get good quality and competitive price. Order online today and provide a visual harmony to your home.

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Buy Timber Photo Frames Online

20130623_133516  Buy Timber Photo Frames Online 20130623 133516At Wombat Frames, we offer one of the largest ranges of photo frames available for purchase online. Our offerings include recycled timber photo frames, wooden photo frames, collage photo frames, white photo frames, mirrors and multi photo frames. Our wooden photo frames are ideal for storing and displaying your photos for all occasions, such as graduations, birthdays, celebrations, holidays, weddings and more.

If you’re looking to create a great photo frame collage wall display, then we can suggest this is a popular way of doing so. Give your living space a personal touch with a photo frame display. Paint a tree onto the wall. Now, choose various photo frames and hang them in a way so that they resemble extensions to the tree branches. You can choose different types of photo frames or similar types in a variety of sizes. Wall collage is an exciting thing to do. Just not the photos, but children’s drawings and writings also make wonderful additions to a wall collage.

Any wall space large enough to fit a photo frame collage display enhances the look of the room. On ordering online, Wombat frames will be sent to you by courier and have insurance included. Our frames are a great gift for home decoration and we try to make customers happy every time they shop with Wombat Frames. To purchase online, simply visit our website and click to order any Wombat Frame you like

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