Wood Frames: An Ideal Option for Your Home Decor

Wood Frames: An Ideal Option for Your Home Decor thick wood frame 2Picture frames are the most common thing people choose for home décor or gift purpose. For many years, decorating home through multi-picture photo frames have been in trend. And I don’t think it will ever come to its demise! Once you have selected the photo, you are ready to pick up a photo frame that can not only enhance your photo but can easily give it a look of a true artwork. Choosing a photo frame is as important as choosing a picture to be put into a frame. Its shape, size, color and design attributes make the picture look different at each angle. Therefore, it highly matters whether your picture frame is of wood, metal or black n white in color.

Wood Frames: An Ideal Option for Your Home Decor thick wood frame 3Well, a wide range of frame sizes is available in the top online stores through which you can get your desirable frame. From a thick wood frame to family collage picture frame, you can find each kind of frame easily. One of the best options while choosing a wooden frame is to go with Wombat Frames which is a boutique picture frame manufacturer. Here, you will find a variety of frames including opening frames, handmade frames, square photo frames, window frames and much more.

So, when you are ready to give your home an astonishing look, think about decorating the walls of your home with multi-picture frames or recycled timber furniture from Wombat Frames. I am sure once you have a look at the designer photo frames from Wombat Frames, you won’t resist yourself getting at least one of them for your home.

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Top Reasons Behind Choosing Custom Picture Frames

Memories are one of the best things to cherish. How amazing it would be if these sweet little memories could be kept preserved for times to come. Well, the best thing would be to place such memories incustom picture frames, personalised photo frames Australia Top Reasons Behind Choosing Custom Picture Frames personalized photo frames Australia 1to a photo frame. Nowadays, designer and custom picture frames are available in multiple shapes and sizes. People get very choosy for buying picture frames and look for frames with specific features and designs.

Before picking any photo frame, be aware of the shading and territory of the divider where you will put your photo. The theme of the picture and the surface of the divider are some of the few things that give a basic direction in picking a fitting photo frame.custom picture frames, personalised photo frames Australia Top Reasons Behind Choosing Custom Picture Frames personalized photo frames Australia 2

Considering online stores for buying picture frames is the best option as you can get your desired frames anywhere around the globe. Whether you want personalised photo frames in Australia or a family collage picture frame in India, you can just browse a variety of photo frames online and book an order from the top online stores. A photo frame does everything for you. The best thing about using a picture frame is that it not only adds a more magnificent look to your photos but also protect the picture from being disintegrated.

And while you were browsing through some of the lovely picture frames, you will be amazed to see different options available in thousands of shapes, styles, surface and materials.

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Why Choose Picture Frame for Gift?

Have you ever gone through a situation when you suddenly get an invitation call for a birthday party or a wedding ceremony or may be a small get together? What’s the next thing which hits your mind when you think about going to that party? A gift! Oh, this is the most confusing situation people face as they don’t understand what they should gift to their loved ones.Why Choose Picture Frame for Gift? 11745892 791103811004910 4630932379902199592 n

Obviously, one always wants to show their full affection and love in their gifts so that the receiver would be amazed by such gesture. Usually, people say ‘the best thing you can gift someone is your presence’. But thinking about our practical lifestyle, we normally don’t attend a party without offering a gift. It may be a bouquet, a showpiece, or a photo frame.

Why Choose Picture Frame for Gift? picture frames for giftGifting a photo frame to your friend or loved ones is certainly a great option. Because when you see an empty photo frame, you imagine how the picture would look after getting inside a photo frame. And after you place your desired picture inside a photo frame, you just preserve your past memories. Isn’t it amazing? A picture frame for gift helps the person to feel special about them and it’s also quite affordable. There are a variety of wooden photo frames available in online stores from where you can choose your gift. You can also go with a wooden photo with big heart-shaped designed craved on its corners along with the name of the person or the couple placed in the middle. Explore some of the best picture frames online at an affordable price and gift it to your loved ones.

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Make Gallery Wall with Multi Picture Photo Frames You’ll Love

Make Gallery Wall with Multi Picture Photo Frames You’ll Love 16 withA vacant wall is like a black canvas. There are numerous ways to decorate walls and to tell a story. Among many of the modern techniques, one of the most popular ways is creating a gallery wall. One may get confused about how to fill those empty walls of your room with colorful photo frames. But, there are actually endless ways to adorn the walls with multi picture photo frames. You can easily create an eye-catching gallery wall by using frames of different shapes, sizes and colors or by integrating your favorite artwork.

Make Gallery Wall with Multi Picture Photo Frames You’ll Love Collage Photo FramesWhether you are looking for a small photo wall in your drawing room, picture hanging ideas for your family photos or a gallery wall for your best artworks, your walls can get an astonishing look in a minute. What you need is to just think out of the box! Take a collection of your differently sized family pictures together and place them in a manner that clearly reflects your emotions. Pick photographs from all stages of your life that grows along with your family. If you want to use photos with muted colors, try to give it a contrast with brown and bold black frames. Mix up photos for giving a better look for your Family Collage Photo Frames. To make the wall pop, try using a colored heart-shaped gallery display. Try out these fancy ideas through which you can refashion the walls of your drawing room or living room with multi-colored photo frames.

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Turn Your Home Walls into an Eye-Catching Arcade with Handcrafted Photo Frames


gallery photo frames Australia, Handcrafted Picture Frames Turn Your Home Walls into an Eye-Catching Arcade with Handcrafted Photo Frames gallery photo frames in AustraliaPicture frames have been in use for ages. We use them to cherish beautiful memories and make them a part of our home décor. We often find ways to recreate them in many ways so that we can keep up with the new trends. You can absolutely find gallery photo frames for every style and taste in any online store. If you want something minimalist, glamorous and sleek, then you might like handcrafted picture frames with elegant designs. They help to keep the focus on the photo while being stylish themselves.

gallery photo frames Australia, Handcrafted Picture Frames Turn Your Home Walls into an Eye-Catching Arcade with Handcrafted Photo Frames gallery photo frames in Australia2Various methods can be used to make simple picture frames into an appealing piece of decorations for your home space. If you want simplicity in a photo frame but still want to drive visitor’s attention to the photos, you could definitely opt for collage picture frames or gallery photo frames in Australia. For a modern look that looks visually interesting, you could choose from all patterns and designs. Consider using photo frames with different shapes, sizes, and designs in order to put together a lovely collection. You can find some really awesome sets of matching frames that stand out as individual pieces. These picture frames help you in revamping a portion of a wall into an eye-catching arcade. You can fill the wall of your home office, dining room, or living area by these beautiful picture frames that can also be used in other spaces as well. So, visit the one-stop store in Australia and find a variety of photo frames of your choice.

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Use Collage Picture Frames to Adorn your House

Use Collage Picture Frames to Adorn your House 16 withPurchasing picture frames for your photos might not seem like a big deal. But many of us get confused in deciding what type of photo frames we should use to adorn the house of our walls. Also, many individuals also lack in finding the exact match of photo frames for their home décor. Due to the lack of varieties in many shops, people get to see a limited stock and cannot find the right product for their house. There are many online stores for picture frames that not only have varieties of products but they have all the picture frames available in different shape, size, and color. One can find family collage picture frames, timber frames, large size frames, extra-large size frames, multi photo collage frames, white frames etc. The photo frames of one of the leading companies are handmade. They use recycled wood from old houses or builders and make unique timber photo frames for over 20 years. They endeavor to make the product which is both practical and aesthetic.

Use Collage Picture Frames to Adorn your House Collage Photo Frames

As picture frames are widely used in offices, home, restaurants, and many other places, the demand for picture frames is increasing. Also, the design type of frames also varies when you are purchasing a picture frame for a particular purpose. You can buy a variety of photo frames from the top photo frame manufacturer who supplies all types of wooden frames, timber frames, family collage picture frames etc. So prefer a one-stop shop for all of your photo frame needs and adorn your home in the best way.

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Shop Unique Picture Frames At Great Value

Photo frames are great to show off your favorite photos through which you can cherish those past moments spend with your loved ones. Today, you will not find any of the homes which do not have a picture frame hanging on the wall. Picture frames are widely used for wall dcor purpose and have importance in interior home dcor. Not only we love to keep unique picture frames at our homes but they are also widely used in offices, restaurants, pubs, and bars. One can find a variety ofShop Unique Picture Frames At Great Value 2007 03 20 photo frames picture frames depending upon what size, color and shape you need. You must have noticed that when a visitor comes to your home he/she must notices that attractive collage photo frame in your house. And why not, after all, for a perfect wall decoration, what else could be better than a photo frame to cherish your best memories?

Shop Unique Picture Frames At Great Value 1370748177444You can buy online picture frames from any of the online stores. Prefer a one-stop shop where you can find any kind of picture frames. There are numerous stores where you can buy picture frames online in Australia. From single recycled timber frames, multi photo collage frame to recycled timber furniture, you can find anything you want. The best thing is that these products are not very much expensive and will completely fit in your budget. If you are looking forward to revamp your home dcor, then wooden picture frames are the best option to go with. Buy picture frames online at a reasonable price from the leading stores and give a unique look to your home.

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Buy Custom Picture Frames Online and Fulfill your Home Decor Needs

Buy Custom Picture Frames Online and Fulfill your Home Decor Needs CUSTOM IMAGEHow often do you see a picture frame when you visit a friends house or some random place? You will apparently say everywhere- some hanging on walls or on a table. This is true- picture frames can be found anywhere. When you visit someones house, you will quite easily see a wooden picture frame giving a perfect look to an astonishing painting or a restaurant having some picture frames of quotes displayed on the walls. From this, one can get an easy idea about how people use these picture frames to fill their walls and home dcor purposes. Since many years, picture frames are in great demand and people are finding innovative ways to add them to their luxury home dcor. Some like to add a family collage picture frame in their drawing room while some couples want their romantic photographs to be hanged on the wall of their bedroom. Undoubtedly, custom picture frames have occupied a special space in our heart with their aesthetic and appealing look. With time, the frame manufacturers have also understood the demand for picture frames, and are indulged in creating more innovative and designer photo frames.

Buy Custom Picture Frames Online and Fulfill your Home Decor Needs Custom Frames header

Among a wide variety of picture frames available in the market, custom picture frames are customers first choice. These frames are available in multiple shape, size, and color and are made from recycled timber. The leading companies supply a variety of frames at a price that completely fits a customers pocket. If you are looking for the best online collection of photo frames, get in touch with the top picture frame manufacturer and adorn your home.

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Wombat Frames sell online

Wombat Frames have finished selling our recycled timber photo frames in The Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra.

It is now a full time concern to make and supply our online customers.

We have decided to devote our time to online promotion through social media as well as making and sending out all the orders we receive. We can still take orders for our custom made timber photo frames through emails and mobile phone calls. 0413187495 and frames@wombatframes.com.au

Feel free to contact us with any questions and follow our social media to get the latest news.


The team at Wombat Frames


Wombat Frames sell online 40 frame

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Christmas 2016

Thanks once again to everyone who has supported Wombat Frames for another year. We close on Thursday 22nd December 2016

Courier delivery for those last minute gifts will need to be checked with us via email or phone.


Simon 0413187495

The website will continue to accept orders but we don’t resume making or sending till Monday 23rd Jan 2017.



Simon Marlow

Wombat Frames



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